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HQ Power Sled S 1.0

HQ Power Sled S 1.0

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Our Power Sleds and Flow Forms are nearly unbreakable, require no assembly and offer a lot of fun. These elegant and extremely efficient kites are known as stable flyers from moderate to strong wind conditions. The bigger Power Sleds can be used as “sky anchors” to lift larger line laundry or inflatable kites and need to be treated with considerable respect. They go up easy and stay up in a very wide wind range.

Width 130 cm / 51" Height 75 cm / 30"

Our Sleds generate enormous pull. Strict observation of mentiones age and wind range is highly recommended.

  • Width 130 cm / 51"
  • Height 75 cm / 30"
  • Sail Ripstop-Nylon
  • Frame Fibreglass 2 mm
  • Line incl., Polyester 45 kp / 100 lb., 60 m / 200 ft. on spool
  • Wind 2-6 Bft. (11-49 km/h, 7-31 mph)
  • Age + 14
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