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HQ Rush V 2-Line

HQ Rush V 2-Line

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Completely redesigned, the Rush V trainer kite is in a class by itself. A new, extremely robust internal cell structure provides more durability than ever before. A minimal bridle gives the sophisticated shape of the Rush a degree of control which is expected from a real power kite. The Rush V is smooth, stable and provides consistent behavior with increasing winds, because control is the decisive element in the introduction to the sport:

Accessories (incl.): Rush V Kite, cool backpack, control bar 50 cm (20"), dyneema line set 145kp (200) - 175kp (250-300) 2x20m, safety system, trainer kite guide.

/// new, extremely robust cell structure

/// flying lines already attached to the kite

/// reduced bridle

/// good lightwind performance

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Fabrikant HQ
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